Barry Jolly’s Endorsement of Geoff

Barry Jolly: 

Susan and I are so excited to be supporting Geoff in his campaign for County Commissioner. We have had the privilege of working side by side with Geoff as a Deacon at Main Street Church. He has been our Deacon Chairperson and is someone who can be counted on to take the lead and get things done. He is a very good communicator and speaker. For the past many years Geoff has been one of the GO TO GUYS at Main Street when it comes to communicating to our membership about important events and issues.

One of Geoff’s greatest assets is his enthusiasm and energy, two very important characteristics in any position. He has the unique ability to spread this enthusiasm into those on his team. I have watched him do this with committees he has chaired, sports teams he has coached, and with his students that he has taught.

Geoff is a common sense guy, who thinks through issues and is able to formulate solutions that make sense and can be implemented. He sticks with projects and sees them through to the end.

I am excited to be on his Campaign Team and proud to endorse him for Campbell County Commissioner. I would encourage anyone to vote and support Geoff in this Campaign.

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