Abortion–  I believe that life is a gift from God. I want to be part of a pro-life generation by helping folks understand options other than abortion.

Crime – Our respected law enforcement officers deserve the proper training and equipment to put the safety of Campbell County residents above all.

Education – I strongly support both public and private education. As a lifelong educator, I work to provide students with skills to be lifelong learners. As a community, educating our youth is the greatest investment we can make in our future.

Environment – We are stewards of our great planet. I look for opportunities to reduce waste in landfills, water and the air. Greater efforts and access to recycling programs are needed across many areas of our county. I have already contacted Rumpke and will be working to get recycling facilities in our more remote areas of Campbell County.

Firearms – Besides activities like hunting and recreation, the Second Amendment provides us citizens with a necessary right to protect our natural rights of Life, Liberty and Property and, if necessary, keep our government in check. Responsible gun ownership is necessary.

Heroin –  We must promote rehabilitation and recovery for those wrapped in the throes of addiction. Likewise, we need to continue to enforce drug laws to keep this epidemic from growing. Additionally we must educate our children and residents to further their awareness and understanding of opioid use. Just as important, we must support families dealing with this terrible affliction so we can work together to beat this problem.

Immigration – To the world, America has been a beacon of hope for centuries. LEGAL IMMIGRATION should provide open doors to people who are an asset to our country. 

Infrastructure – As the backbone of economic growth, our infrastructure must be both maintained and improved. A comprehensive regional plan is my goal. We need to look at projects with the future in mind. Campbell County is growing and is poised to grow at an even accelerated rate. With that said, as a Commissioner I will work with local and regional leadership to secure grants to help pay for necessary infrastructure projects.

Military – THANK YOU to all who have served keeping our country safe and in a position of global leadership. Veterans deserve our utmost respect and needed care for those who have worn our country’s uniform. I have been blessed coming from a family filled with veterans and active military personnel. 

Poverty – Those struggling need opportunities to find work and break out of the grip of poverty. I look to help grow our local economy by working with the business community to grow jobs and career possibilities. There is no room for poverty in a thriving economy. Campbell County will be a beacon for business and job growth.

Taxes – I believe in reducing tax burdens & increased government efficiency while providing the best road, safety and recreation services possible. Taxes should be kept as low as possible so as to not burden our residents with increased family expenses. This can be done through proper planning, consolidation of services where possible and efficient use of our county assets. 

Values – As a Christian I love my neighbors as myself. Treating others with respect, I work to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the least among us.

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