Chris Pelle’s Endorsement of Geoff

CHRIS PELLE: Typically, I am not one to endorse any political party or member however, I do believe in supporting honesty, loyalty, faith and friendship…and that is why I am supporting Mr. Geoff Besecker as Campbell County Commissioner.

I have known Geoff for a little over 15 years now. Geoff is first and foremost a man of great faith with a strong commitment to seeking God first in the decisions he makes in his life. I have served along side of Geoff as a Deacon at Main Street Baptist Church. We have worked side by side with our church youth group. We have spent time in the Word through different Bible studies. Geoff is a man of God.

Family is also very important to Geoff. With his wife Toni, and their four boys, it is never a dull moment in the Besecker home. It is important to both Geoff and Toni to raise their young men in a Christian environment that provides love, support and encouragement as they go through life’s journey.

Lastly, Geoff has a passion for his community and this is very evident in his role as a Campbell County High School teacher. Aside from being a teacher to his students, he has also taught them what it means to give back to the community. Geoff and his students have been one of the major contributors to the Crosstown Foodout. The Crosstown Foodout is a food drive where Campbell County High School and Bishop Brossart High School compete in a fundraising food drive during the annual basketball game. All proceeds are donated to the CARE Mission food pantry. Geoff has also been a CARE Mission Board member for several years.

Because I believe in Geoff Besecker and the decisions he will make if elected, I would like to take the opportunity to endorse him in his campaign for County Commissioner. Please consider voting for Geoff Besecker as your Campbell County Commissioner.

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